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Meet the Team

Laura Cooper

CXO's Executive Leadership Coach and HR Consultant

Laura Cooper Image

As an executive coach facilitating transformative growth, Laura Cooper specializes in rapidly equipping leaders with the insights,  tactics and nuances necessary to achieve optimal performance for both themselves and their organizations. Laura guides new founders, newly promoted senior or C-suite leaders, and experienced CEOs through the challenging world of startups and level transitions with intelligence and resilience. 

Grounded in principles of ultimate accountability, confidence, integrity, vision and trust, her coaching approach fosters deep connections between leaders and their teams to unleash the potential of the organization as well as the people. Her methodologies create profound shifts in leadership mindsets and behavior through her first hand knowledge of  the agility, strength, courage and endurance necessary to be a trusted and effective leader. 


Laura’s warm, approachable and straightforward personality makes it easy for her clients to work openly and effectively with her.  She inspires trust and builds credibility quickly through a diplomatic but direct communication style. She quickly targets and reveals behavioral patterns, shattering limiting self talk, confronting imposter syndrome and mitigating fear based reactions to create profound shifts in mindset and behavior. She sets expectations of high performance and consistent follow up, which are critical for ensuring lasting transformations. 


Along with over 10 years of C level coaching experience, advanced training and exclusive mentorship, Laura has the privilege of being selected as one of the only coaches in the United States to be a rostered member of Andrew Leedham's renowned Unstoppable Self Confidence program.

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