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Meet the Team

Lisa Batitto

Wellness Expert and Facilitator, Reiki Master, Trauma Informed Consultant

 Lisa Batitto Image

Lisa Batitto is an accomplished Reiki Master and Teacher with five

years of energy healing and personal development expertise. Her

specialization in addressing emotional pain and work-related trauma

positions her to lead organizations toward substantial personal and

professional transformation. Lisa has led workshops, trained

leadership teams in mindfulness practices,  and facilitated on and

off-site retreats based on the needs of her clients, including large

law firms in New Jersey and New York, non-profits, and mid-sized

marketing agencies.


Her training as a Consciousness Advisor, and Meditation and

Subconscious Mind Coach enables her to provide customized support

that empowers organizations to overcome barriers and foster a culture

of resilience and positive change. She is also certified in Practical

Intuition for Professionals, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Flower

Healing Therapy.

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